Red Bull advertises a lifestyle, not a product.

by Jordan Arcibal

Red Bull is one of the most successful companies when it comes to brand image and brand equity. Essentially, Red Bull doesn’t sell a product, they sell a lifestyle. Their main marketing tactic is to introduce the consumer to the “World of Red Bull”.

They accomplish this by using non-celebrity endorsements and extreme sports to sell their product. Although their non-celebrity endorsers are not well known, Red Bull still is able to use them to market the lifestyle in a great way. In Red Bull’s commercials they don’t even show their actual energy drink until the end of the commercials and it’s only for a couple seconds. This just shows the strength that their brand has on the consumer.

Their logo also has a strong value on the audience. If you show almost anyone the Red Bull logo, they will instantly know what Red Bull and their brand does. Building a strong brand image along with a strong brand logo is vital for companies that strive to own their market.

That target market that is catered to in regards to Red Bull is Generation Y. They are focused on selling the Red Bull lifestyle to thrill seekers and adventurists. Some other characteristics that define their lifestyle are those of adventure, courage, and inspiration. In other words, Red Bull is for those that want to take life to the extreme and with Red Bull they are able to do that.

Red Bull uses their understanding of their target market to emotionally draw in their audience. When a company can emotionally target the lifestyle of an audience, then they have gained the attention of the audience in the best way possible. Red Bull has created an emotional appeal to their product and uses that emotion to influence their consumers in a positive way.

Red Bull doesn’t only sell a lifestyle, but they also sell personal success along with it. In their commercials and advertisements, Red Bull pushes individuals to succeed. In their advertisements they use quotes and inspirational music to sell the audience on self-motivation as well as a sense of self-success.

As of right now, Red Bull is the leading company in all energy drinks. They lead their market in every aspect and bring a strong emotional appeal to their audience. I believe Red Bull will continue to push the lifestyle of their company in a positive way and influence their consumers to succeed. “Welcome to the World of Red Bull”.



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