ATTENTION! The effect of graphic design on the consumer’s attention.

by Jordan Arcibal

According to Rod Roberts, I have 8 seconds on average to get your attention. Part of the AIDA framework, attention is the first and most important factor when it comes to a possible prospect of your product or service. The biggest factor of attention has to do with various stimuli that can trigger a consumer’s attention. These different stimuli are factors of graphic design that contribute to the attention span of a consumer or viewer.

Top Factors:


via ForeverHeavy

The headline “Bold & Refreshing” is a great example of a headline that grabs the attention of the consumer. It makes them wonder what exactly is “Bold & Refreshing” and gives them a motivation to explore the page even more.


via Jordan Arcibal’s Behance Portfolio

This layout uses four different pages that combine together to make a clean and complimenting layout. The top two pages combine together through the use of typography while the bottom two bring the entire layout together with info on what the entire design is about. Unique layouts will always grab the attention of a viewer or consumer.


via Jordan Arcibal’s Behance Portfolio

The use of effectively using graphics is vital when grabbing the attention of others. This example uses one of the “Kony” pictures inside the type, which helps bring more attention to the information listed on the poster. The picture is essentially only masked on the words so that viewers only see what the graphic is through the type.


via Travis Barteaux

Color is another huge factor of attention. Viewers or consumers are attracted to different colors, and colors can also set the mood of the viewer. This piece uses a great use of blue and various shades of blue to bring a strong attention to the display. The word “unbreakable” is a compelling word choice, which is also highlighted in blue to draw strong attention.

White Space/Negative Space

via Brian Plemons

White or negative space is crucial in design. It helps to draw the viewer’s attention to the desired spot of the design. This logo uses two arrows to create the white space that shows the “H” in “SHIFT”. Just like this example, white space can be used very creatively to gain the attention of viewers and consumers.


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