Ads MUST be Creative!

by Jordan Arcibal

In this day in age, advertisements MUST be creative. It takes more than just basic advertising to gain the attention of a consumer, it takes creativity.

In order to make an ad as creative as possible, an advertiser must know their audience. This means who is the audience, what do they like or don’t like, and anything or everything about them. This step is consumer behavior; how do you expect the audience to react to the ad. For example, advertisers wouldn’t create a provocative ad for an audience of older conservative adults.

Whether the medium is print, video, or web; advertisements take more than just the basic advertising and design strategy. Marketers and advertisers need to first off enter into a planning and brainstorming session in order to find the creativity to entice the consumer.

In today’s society, consumers have a short attention span. Consumers will even go out of their way in order to dodge advertisements or commercials. For instance, consumers are taking advantage of recording TV and skipping commercials. If the ads that we put out are creative enough, consumers will look forward to viewing them. Some of the most viewed videos on YouTube are videos of commercial advertisements.

  • Most creative advertisements are currently including comedy. Old Spice does a great job of using creative humor to appeal to their desired audience. Here is an example:

Via YouTube

Old Spice uses one of the best known receivers in the NFL to draw a bigger audience on top of their already desired target market for men’s body wash.

  • Other ways that advertisers are using creativity is through interactive and live sequences in front of various audiences. Here is an example of TNT capitalizing on this advertising style:

Via YouTube

This was a live sequence done in Belgium for the TV channel TNT. The audience was able to interact with the advertisement by pressing the button to create drama. Because the ad was done so well, it became viral on YouTube and gained over 40 million views. TNT was able to benefit not just from the live action sequence, but more so from the publicity received on the internet.


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