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The Jordan Brand, arguably the strongest sports brand in the industry.

by Jordan Arcibal

via YouTube

The Jordan brand is arguably one of the strongest sports brands in the sports industry. This brand focuses mostly on basketball as its main outlet, but the Jordan brand also endorses many athletes in a number of other sports. These sports include football, all the way to NASCAR. The question is, how did Michael Jordan create one of the biggest brands in sports history?

First off, Nike is the backbone behind Jordan. Although, Nike was never Michael Jordan’s first choice to wear when he was offered shoe endorsement deals in the NBA. Originally, he wanted to wear Adidas. Adidas was a company that was in a bad spot during the time, and wasn’t able to look into the idea of signing Jordan. Later, Jordan decided to sign with Nike. via ESPN

Since Michael signed with Nike, the brand took off. Jordan was considered one of the best basketball players in history, and that has defiantly helped drive the brand through the roof.

The Jordan brand continues to produce the best basketball shoes in the industry. These shoes aren’t cheap either, average retail price of a pair usually goes around $150. Michael Jordan rakes in about $45 million a year just from his company, while The Jordan brand sees sales of about $800 million in sales per year.

Since Michael Jordan, the President of the Charlotte Bobcats isn’t showcasing his basketball talents these days, the Jordan Brand uses other endorsers to keep the legacy alive. These athletes include some of the top professionals in basketball, football, baseball, track and field, and NASCAR. Arguably, the two biggest stars that get all of the spotlight have to be Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul. Jordan has built huge campaigns around these two basketball sensations. Carmelo Anthony is currently on a 13 game win streak, while Chris Paul is reshaping the Clippers organization. Jordan was smart when bringing in two of the top 10 players in the NBA to be advocates for his brand.

Jordan is a brand also owned through Nike, which brings creativity. Nike is known for their unique design and advertising techniques. The last blog I wrote focuses on effective stimuli of design that features two Nike ads and how creatively unique they are. The video above showcases the style that Jordan brings to the advertising table, as well as the athletes featured in the clip.

This just comes to show that Jordan has excelled in the sports industry and will continue to do so.